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As a newcomer to Craniosacral Therapy, I am pleased to have found Val and this modality of healing.  I have been seeing her once per week for 4 months now.  I am working through anger issues, insomnia, depression, anxiety and worst PTSD from my military experience.  Her hands find the spots where my body, mind and soul are in need of healing touch.  Val patiently works with me through the rough spots where my emotions get the best of me on occasion.   My psychologist helps me talk through my problems and that is very helpful.  However; the treatments from Val take my recovery to the next level.  My family has also noticed a positive change in me and we are all healthier and happier because of it.   Mahalo to you Val

Robert K.





Working with Val Collins over several years now, I have come to deeply appreciate not only the healing but also increasing understanding of how this healing modality works. Val has helped me with a number of health conditions including intestinal inflammation, lung congestion due to asthma, minor leg injuries, depression, TMJ, minor head injuries and opening of chakras to promote spiritual evolution.  Craniosacral Therapy is an amazing intervention to support the body to heal. It seems to work as the therapist ever so gently touches strategic points to promote energy flow. I would say as an analogy, that just as it is important to have your automobile tuned up periodically, it is more important to have your body tuned up! 

As I have experienced Val's work, I am increasingly aware of the energy flow in our bodies, and how important this is to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Val is a highly skilled practitioner, combining natural healing capacity with highly trained skills in craniosacral work.




"I first learned of Craniosacral Therapy when I met Val Collins at my chiropractor's clinic. I was dealing with a lot of emotional pain and stress during the time and seriously believed that NOTHING could pull me out of that state. Val offered me a complimentary ten minute treatment. 

 I could not believe what I was going through during the treatment. Her sensitivity to the energy in my body and light touches to my head transported me somewhere within myself. I felt stuck energy being released, then I cried and I felt transformed in a way that my emotional pain was gone. She helped me to release whatever hurt, anger, and disbelief I had bottled up inside of me for what seemed like ages within less than a quarter of an hour.

 After the session, we spoke about what we both experienced during the treatment, I felt very comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with her because she is a very kind, gentle, compassionate being that has the ability to heal others naturally. 

That morning, before I met Val, I didn't even want to get out of bed because I was so drained and just didn't want to deal with anything or anyone. I had not one drop of energy left inside of me to even put on a mini smile in hopes that some positivity will spread from it. But I had to get up, and a few hours later I walked out of my chiropractor's clinic effortlessly smiling from ear to ear LITERALLY. I never do that. I felt lighter physically and mentally because, thanks to Val, I got in touch with my inner self. 

 My first experience of craniosacral therapy was extraordinary on many levels and I embraced that feeling and my smile for hours and hours after the treatment. It has been over ten months and I have not stopped receiving craniosacral therapy from Val since! Each session is a new beautiful experience and I highly recommend craniosacral therapy to the young, elderly and everyone in between. Thank you so much Val for helping me heal and grow on levels I never thought possible."


Inbar M.


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